Why are poker players playing more aggressively these days and how can you counter it?
May 14, 2021

Why are poker players playing more aggressively these days and how can you counter it?

By admin

Poker has always been one of the most popular casino games around. From the earliest land-based sites to online casinos, it continues to attract players with its mixture of skill and drama. Online poker, in particular, has exploded over the last few decades and has helped drive the online casino industry to new heights.

As a result, you will find it at any top NJ online casino. Resorts Casino is the go-to choice for many when it comes to NJ casinos – it is certainly a site poker aficionados will love! As well as some great tables to game at online, this internet casino has a cool mobile app and great customer support. One thing you might spot when playing though is the amount of people adopting an aggressive poker style. But why is that?

Why are some poker players playing more aggressively?

There are a few reasons why many modern players adopt more aggressive gameplay in online poker. Firstly, poker has seen a real increase in popularity in recent years. Many of these new players are serious about the game and put a lot of time into improving their skills. That, in turn, has led to an increase in the number of players and an increase in those who have the confidence to play aggressively.

Many will also adopt this approach because winning is essential to them, and they think it is the best tactic to achieve their goal. Much of this approach comes from modern online articles and poker training sites which pitch aggressive play as the best way to win. A lot of players will also play aggressively in a bid to intimidate others at the table and bully their way to victory.

How do you counter an aggressive player?

As more players begin to play aggressively in the game of poker, knowing how to combat this tactic is a must. To begin with, it is wise to define their hand range. Are they, for example, a classic tight-aggressive player who only plays the top 10% of hands? Or are they more loose-aggressive with the inclination to bet on most flops but bluff a lot? By working this out, you can then tailor your own play to counter them.

A good strategy can also be to feign weakness in your own hand. Aggressive players can often fall for this and bet big, as they think you have nothing. It can also be worth heading in the opposite direction sometimes and playing more aggressively yourself. This can stop other aggressive players in their tracks and allow you to get into their heads.

Poker is now a more aggressive game

There is no doubt that we have seen a rise in the number of poker players adopting an aggressive style over recent years. This is due to the reasons we have discussed above and also the fact many people like to copy the well-known pros who play in this way. The key to dealing with this is finding out how to counter them effectively.